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These are some collage I made during a recent residency in Brigus, Newfoundland. The residency is sponsored by The Rooms and Landfall Trust.

"Be down in the lobby in 8 minutes, we’re going on a pre-chase… now." Our storm chasing trip officially starts today, but things looked promising in terms of severe thunderstorms. Here’s a shot of lightning we took overlooking a farmer’s field in Wyoming. 

The Science of a Thunderhead addresses the impact of severe weather that occurs each spring in North America. Best known for producing severe meteorological outcomes such as hail, tornadoes, lightning and flash floods, these cumulonimbus storm clouds tower to heights of 50 000 feet. Marking the beginning of the storm season, this installation highlights the science and visual poetics of a storm cloud through drawing and sculpture. It is on view through Roadside Atrractions until June 7th. 


Trailer for Supercell, Weather Girl Goes Storm Chasing. Next storm chase in June, northern Great Plains.

Know Which Way The Wind Blows, etching on paper, edition of 60.


Weather Girl Goes Storm Chasing (an excerpt)

orignal score by Ken Myhr 

Weather Wise, silkscreen prints, 1 of 1. 

xsSummer collages… the last of the season. 

Summer group show opens today at Loop Gallery at Dundas and Ossington, 2-5. Good Weather 24” x 48” woodcut 2011.

Summer Collage—Blue Skies Ahead… 

Tara Cooper - May 23forecast

Here’s what today’s weather sounds like on Toronto Island… 

Weather Girl’s Meteorological Advice for Today: 

Head in the Clouds

Partly Cloudy, Clearing this Afternoon, Fog Patches Overnight

Today’s weather forecast; The Calm Before the Storm at Toronto Island Marina.

Tara Cooper - island_sound_walk

A short sound piece recorded at the weather forecast today on Centre Island.

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