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Trailer for Supercell, Weather Girl Goes Storm Chasing. Next storm chase in June, northern Great Plains.

TH&B Collective presents: 

TH&B2 located in a 30 000 square foot warehouse space (formerly a textile mill), Hamilton, Ontario. The opening is tonight from 8:00 pm on, but the show runs until May 12, 2012. Weather Girl is one of 18 artists occupying the space. Drop by if you’re anywhere near Hamilton. 

Cloud 9, the 9th cloud refers to one of the nastiest clouds, very high, cold and lucky, easy to spot, go indoors. Reductive mono-print, basically scratching away. 22” x 30”.

Chasing Rainbows, reductive monoprint 22” x 30” in a silver-leafed frame.

Silver Lining installation shot, water-jet cut aluminum.

Once in a Blue Moon, maybe a 4 or 5-colour silkscreen 22” x 30”.

Chasing Rainbows, 22” x 30” 5-colour silkscreen.

Clear as a Bell, 22” x 30” 4-colour silkscreen.

Under the Weather, 5-minute silent. Part of my upcoming show at Loop Gallery in Toronto.

Lucky Lucky, watercolor on mylar.

Cold Weather ahead.

A Lightning Myth from the upcoming Weather Girl’s Field Guide to Lightning show, opening Thursday.

A collage from Weather Girl’s Field Guide to Lightning.

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