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Summer Collage—Blue Skies Ahead… 

Weather Warnings, 3-colour silkscreen 22” x 30”.

Once In a Blue Moon, 22” x 30” 3-colour silkscreen.

Throw Caution to the Wind. A work in progress, three-colour silkscreen 20” x 25”.

More good luck for 2012!

Good Luck for 2012.

Quite grey today. Ink on mylar collage.

Tomorrow should be cool and clear in Toronto.

Looks like Winter has arrived.

Collage mock-up, lithography on washi.

Installation photos from Weather Girl’s Field Guide to Lightning.

Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky with bunting. Installation photo – lithography on gampi.

Weather Girl, ink on mylar and photo collage.

Weather Girl’s Field Guide to Lightning, installation in progress.

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