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Weather Girl’s Field Guide to Lightning

Weather Girl’s Field Guide to Lightning is open for one more week at Open Studio in Toronto. Next up – Weather Wise at Loop Gallery in March.

A collage from Weather Girl’s Field Guide to Lightning.

According to the NOAA, the odds of being struck by lightning in your lifetime are 1:6250. 

The cover to Weather Girl’s Field Guide to Lightning.

A work in progress, Weather Girl’s Field Guide to Lightning.

Lightning Safety Tips.

A wonderful storm last night.

Being struck by lightning: Unlucky (ink on mylar). 

Placing an acorn on your window sill will protect your house from lightning… that and a good lightning protection system.

Work in progress, a template for a woodcut based on good weather and bad weather for the October exhibition Field Guide to Lightning in Toronto.

Lightning converts nitrogen in the atmosphere from N2 into NH3, which makes plants grow (perhaps you’ve noticed that your lawn seems to need cutting after a storm). 

Glass globe—part of a lightning protection system invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1749, the globe shatters when struck.

Call for Lightning Strike Stories

The Weather Girl Project is currently searching for lightning strike stories to be illustrated in an upcoming installation. If you or someone you know has a lightning strike story to share, please contact Tara Cooper at taralcooper@hotmail.com.

A Lightning Survivor Story Drawings: Lorianna 

A geological phenomena—a fulgurite is an elongated glass form fused where lightning strikes sand or soil. The temperature must be at least 1,800 °C (3,270 °F). Not surprisingly, the longest reported fulgurite, measuring close to 5 meters was found in Florida—a lightning hot spot. 

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