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Trailer for Supercell, Weather Girl Goes Storm Chasing. Next storm chase in June, northern Great Plains.

Know Which Way The Wind Blows, etching on paper, edition of 60.


Weather Girl Goes Storm Chasing (an excerpt)

orignal score by Ken Myhr 

Summer Collage—Blue Skies Ahead… 

Today’s weather forecast; The Calm Before the Storm at Toronto Island Marina.

Cloud 9, the 9th cloud refers to one of the nastiest clouds, very high, cold and lucky, easy to spot, go indoors. Reductive mono-print, basically scratching away. 22” x 30”.

Chasing Rainbows, reductive monoprint 22” x 30” in a silver-leafed frame.

Once in a Blue Moon, maybe a 4 or 5-colour silkscreen 22” x 30”.

Chasing Rainbows, 22” x 30” 5-colour silkscreen.

Clear as a Bell, 22” x 30” 4-colour silkscreen.

Weather Warnings, 3-colour silkscreen 22” x 30”.

Once In a Blue Moon, 22” x 30” 3-colour silkscreen.

Upcoming Toronto Art Show

Title: Weather Wise 

Dates: March 3, 2012-March 25, 2012

Opening: March 3rd 2-5

Q&A: March 25th at 3:00 (moderated by Rebecca Deiderichs) 

Press Release: 

Weather Wise

loop Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition by Loop Gallery member Tara Cooper entitled Weather Wise. 

With forecasts we’re told to heed warnings—hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Tara Cooper’s Weather Wise assembles a compendium of weather lore and superstitions from cloud nines to fair weather friends to silver linings. It is the next chapter in her ongoing series/alter ego Weather Girl, a project that mixes an amateur’s enthusiasm for meteorology with found objects, video and print.  

Beneath the rubric of Canadian Nature, Cooper’s observations combine fieldwork and footwork moving from the amateur ornithologist, to the idea of north, to her most recent study involving the language of weather—the statistical forecast versus the personal encounter. This interest in fieldwork has led Cooper to participate in many national and international artist residencies including: Kloster Bentlage in Rheine, Germany, Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, California, Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, The Frans Masereel Center in Kasterlee Belgium and Malaspina in Vancouver. 

Cooper received her Master of Fine Arts from Cornell University in 2008, specializing in the disciplines of print, film and installation. She also holds a Bachelor of Fine Art and a Bachelor of Education from Queen’s University. She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Waterloo. 

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