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xsSummer collages… the last of the season. 

Summer group show opens today at Loop Gallery at Dundas and Ossington, 2-5. Good Weather 24” x 48” woodcut 2011.

Summer Collage—Blue Skies Ahead… 

Weather Girl’s forecast for Monday May 21st. Throw Caution to the Wind, on Centre Island near the beach.

Under the Weather:
Over the course of a week—Sunday May 20th to Sunday May 27th—Weather Girl (artist Tara Cooper’s alter ego) will be forecasting the weather on Toronto Island. Most of Bell Canada’s booths on the island are designed to shelter the phones; they leave callers exposed. Mirroring a desert island mentality, their structures’ imply communication needed for emergencies. Reflecting a similar need for lifelines, Under the Weather offers daily meteorological advice via seven different phone booths. Drawn in chalk the advice is impermanent; it is susceptible to inclement weather. Although it still costs money to make a call, Weather Girl’s advice is free. 

This is a part of the Tel Talk project; here is a link to the blog:


Two of my biggest fans digging the TH&B2 installation in Hamilton.

Cloud 9, the 9th cloud refers to one of the nastiest clouds, very high, cold and lucky, easy to spot, go indoors. Reductive mono-print, basically scratching away. 22” x 30”.

Chasing Rainbows, reductive monoprint 22” x 30” in a silver-leafed frame.

Silver Lining installation shot, water-jet cut aluminum.

Once in a Blue Moon, maybe a 4 or 5-colour silkscreen 22” x 30”.

Chasing Rainbows, 22” x 30” 5-colour silkscreen.

Clear as a Bell, 22” x 30” 4-colour silkscreen.

Under the Weather, 5-minute silent. Part of my upcoming show at Loop Gallery in Toronto.

Weather Warnings, 3-colour silkscreen 22” x 30”.

Once In a Blue Moon, 22” x 30” 3-colour silkscreen.

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